Friday, April 16, 2010

Alice in Wonderland paper cut.

Hi guys!
I wanted to show you a paper cut that I made that I have been meaning to post about for quite a while now. *cough*

It is, of course, the tea party from Alice in Wonderland. As you can see it is cut of two separate pieces of paper and then slotted together to make a table centerpiece. (You can check out a video of it here.)
It is probably the most intricate paper cut I have tried yet, although one I recently finished (which will be in another post) comes pretty close. I really like the final look of this, it turned out better than I expected. The little holes in the center of the flowers drove me crazy, so I punched them out with a hammer punch, but other than that, everything else is cut with an X-acto blade. Also, this pattern is by Cindy from the Scherenshnitte blog, which you should go check out right now. She posts some really amazing free patterns (this one was from a book she was featured in) and she also has an awesome Etsy shop where she sells some paper cuts and really really nice prints of her work.
Anyway thank you for checking out this post!
Au revoir!



Dawn said...

Beautiful work, Josh. I love your new blog header too!

Logan said...

Thats Awesome!!!

SMH said...

WOW! I am blown away by the intricate cuts and final result. You are a very talented young man Josh.

Dorothy said...

I love it! Especially the flowers!

Robin said...

That's so cool!

JackandStephenrule said...

That's gorgeous! I love it!

arlene said...

This papercut boggles my mind. It's so intricate and it's beautiful!