Monday, November 05, 2007


well I joined NaNoWrimo and I have started writing my novel. my word count so far is 3021 and I just finished another paragraph that has not been counted in.
my story is about a rabbit ( but I think I might change him to another animal. and don't ask me why three of my four characters are animals. the other one being a chimera. they just are.)
who is on a quest to get the Golden Latte for a chimera who has promised him (my main character) an apple of Iduna. if you Google Iduna it'll probably give you some history on her.
so in order to get the Golden Latte, he has to get the Platinum Pound Cake. because the Golden Latte was hidden by an evil king and the location of the Golden Latte is engraved on the bottom of the cake.
that basically sums up the plot.
it'll develop more as I write.
I hope.
well that's all I have to say for now,