Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hi there,
My friends and I decided that we were going to read Les Miserables together, and when we finished we decided to have a little party. And since we are all amazing geeks (NOT amazingly geeky, but close...) we also decided that we should Swede Les Miserables.
For those of you who haven't seen Be Kind Rewind (where the term "sweded" comes from) "Sweding" a movie/book is basically taking a movie/book and making a super campy 5 minute version of it. Youtube has TONS of sweded movies, of which the Princess Bride is my favorite. After I finished editing the footage our version weighed in at a little under 10 minutes, but for a 1400 page book I don't think it's all that bad. You should watch it now. (it has bloopers!)

Anyway, since reading Les Miserables is quite an achievment I though I would make gifts for the other people in the reading group, and I thought that I would make them each a portrait of themselves.
Here they are, first I have Daniel's,

And then I have Kelsey's,

And then I have Nicole's,

And then I have Bronwen's.
They turned out fantastically better than I expected, and I am quite proud of myself.
It's kind of sad though, because I only actually have one of my papercuts, all the other ones I've made have been given away as gifts.
Now I'm going to start making some for myself. *yay me!*
Anyway, you should check out DudeCrafts tutorial for how to make these, he makes super amazing tutorials!
*yay for people who make super amazing tutorials!*
Okay, I better end this post, it's getting pretty long and ramble-y now...
So long for now!


arlene said...

They are just fantastic!! You did an amazing job on these.
Also, posting two days in a row? Wow.

kathryn Muyaba said...

love it awesome job!!!!! watched all the videos.

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Awesome job Josh .. I bet everyone was thrilled to receive their portraits! Sweded movies are so much fun. I even was lucky enough to be in one ~ such quality movie making ;)
Now excuse me while I go check out DudeCraft's tutorial.

Karyn said...

You have every reason to be proud of yourself for the great job you did on those portraits! They are awesome.

Thanks for the link to the Princess Bride ..... enjoyed it much

You and your pals did a great job on your movie! I look forward to more.