Tuesday, March 11, 2008

W for Wendeta,

I am reading Oliver Twist and I thought that it was very funny that there are no V's in the book, and where there should be a V it is replaced with a W, so vicious becomes wiciuos, which is very amusing to read. I also have the V speech from V for Vendetta and I thought that it would be very funny to write it like Charles Dickens, and replace all the V's with W's. So here's what I got, and I hope you enjoy.

W for Wendetta
written by Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski, with a twist inspired by Charles Dickens.

W: Woila!, in Wiew,a humble Waudewillian Weteran, cast Wicariously as both Wictim and Willian by the Wicissitudes of fate. the Wisage, no mere Weneer of Wanity, is a Westige of the Wox Populi, now Wacant, Wanished. howewer, this Walorous wisitation of a by-gone Wexation, stands Wiwified and has Wowed to Wanquish these Wenal and Wirulent Werman Wangourding Wice and Wouchsafing the Wiolently Wicious and Woracious Wiolation of Wolition. the only Werdict is Wengence: a Wendetta, held as a Wotiwe, not in Wain, for the Walue of such shall one day Windicate the Wigilant and the Wirtuos. (giggles) Werily, this Wichyssoise of Werbiage Weers most Werbose, so let me simply add that it is my Wery good honor to meet you and that you may call me W.

so that's what the V speech from V for Vendetta would have sounded like if Charles Dickens would have written the script.
but I was curious about the lack of V's in the book so I did some quick research and found that it is purely an accent that seems to be used by the lower class of people in London. I also found a website that has lists of weird words, and I found out that arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.
now isn't that useful!.
well I hope that you had as much fun trying to decipher the V speech as I did typing it out.
fare the well,
(who is not arachibutyrophobic.)

2 years of blogging!

Hey there everyone!,  I was looking at my old (OLD) posts and I saw that I have been blogging for just over two years!, so this is a little celebration in honor of myself for sticking to something and only forgetting about the existence of my blog occasionally. Here's to blogging!,

Thursday, March 06, 2008

February Song

(mostly) From February Song:

Where has that old friend gone, 
lost in a February song,
tell him it wont be long till I post on my blog...

OK, so maybe those aren't exactly the words to the song, but it suits the situation to a T.
The first line;
where has that old friend gone, well I disappeared from Blogdom for awhile,
the second line:
lost in a February song,
I went to Lethbridge to play my song(in February, mind you,) and then posted once or twice and got lost, far far away from Blogdom.
the third line:
tell him it wont be long till I post on my blog...
I took a little itty bit of creative liberty with the last line, but so what, I think it's a great improvement. (well maybe not great...)

so what have I been doing all this time, you must be wondering, well I have been playing lots and lots and lots of piano, writing a new song,  and playing sheet music (which is abundant in our house, especially movie scores), I am also waiting impatiently for another book to arrive, and reading MAKEezine  and making paper things, I'll post a picture of my semi-latest project in another post(I don't have a picture of it yet).  
I am also in an online class called Modern Classics and right now I'm reading Oliver Twist, such a great and sad book!.  The class is going really well and it was interesting talking to other people about what they thought about the characters in the book and why maybe they all seem so afraid of Oliver, very interesting.
well I'm all out of things to say for now so until next post, Adios Amigos!,

(PS, if your wondering what the real lyrics to the song are, here they are: tell him it wont be long till he opens his eyes...)