Monday, October 29, 2007

November is Novel writing month

Well hello everybody. I am debating whether or not to join NaNoWrimo. NaNoWrimo is a novel writing um... ahh.. thing? where you write a novel in one month. the novel has to be 50,000 words long and 175 pages. anyone can join and if your 12 or under there's a youth writing competition for a 2500 word novel. otherwise your screwed to 50,000. anyway, the deadline for joining is October 30 at 11:59 o'clock. you can outline your novel but your not allowed to start writing it until November 1st and it can be about anything,
here's the website,
so if you want to join go ahead!,
the critics are waiting... ( just kidding!)
His Most Serene Highness, PHAPourus Lord Josh the Infinite of Withering Glance.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

we got a mac!

Hello everyone, we got a Macbook!, it's really really nice too, mom and dad went to bestbuy to get us (Levi and I) a new computer ( because ours keeps spontaneously shutting down, due to "thermal errors") and they decided to buy a Macbook because we've always wanted a laptop.
so now I get to learn how to use a Mac and I get to teach Mom and Dad how to use it to...
well that's all I have to say,

Friday, October 26, 2007

scary people.

I saw the weirdest thing in Sobey's the other day, we were walking down the ice cream isle and Mom stopped to look at something and while I was waiting for her I saw a package of ice cream with a picture of a dog on it, having nothing else to do at the moment I read the package, and it said "frozen treats for dogs". FROZEN TREATS FOR DOGS!!!!, that's crazy!, insane and just plain weird!. who would buy there DOG a Popsicle! . some people are a little scary about their pets, just a Little....
anyway that's my rant for the week.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hello again!

Hello. Yes, I know I haven't posted for about a billion years. but I'll try to start posting again. well I have been playing piano all this time and I just got Invited to play at an upcoming festival and *maybe* have a string quartet and a children's choir accompany me. and CBC radio might record the concert! so I am writing a song that's been in my head for awhile to perform, and I'm really really really R E A L L Y excited!. I am also in an online course called Before Tolkien, basically we read about half a book every week and then have a colloquium about the book. me readings so far have been: The Children of Odin, The Odyssey, and The Iliad.
well I don't know what to say so I guess this is the end of my first post in a billion years...

(His Most Serene Highness, PHAPourus Lord Josh the Infinite of Withering Glance etc etc...)
(PS here's a cool paper Airplane link, . and how do you like my titles, pretty spiffy eh?)