Thursday, August 12, 2010

Word of the Day Wednesday #2

Hey guys!
I've been looking at one of my new favorite nerd websites, The Phrontistery, and I found that it has lists of archaic and odd words organized by letter.
As you have probably noted in my posts, I love odd and weird words and random nerdy/techy/design oriented things and this website is just going to feed the geeky frenzy that is my brain.
Anyway the "E" section of this website seemed especially interesting, since I really don't think that people use that many "E" words. Other that "exciting" and "easy". And "exciting" isn't all that interesting of a word. Whilst I was searching I found this word; esculent. It means "edible" or "fit for consumption." Doesn't it sound awesome!? I mean, it's exceedingly more fun to say than "yummy".  Take this brief exchange with my mother, for example:

Mom: Here, try this cupcake!

Me: Okay. *Noms cupcake*

Mom: Soooo, how do you like it?

Me: It's most exceedingly esculent!

Mom: Why do I even bother?

Yeah, I'm a pretty weird child.  I blame this video.
Anyway, I better stop talking. As some wise person once said: "Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
And thus concludes this word of the day Wednesday.

May all your meals be esculent,


(PS, what is your favorite word? Leave a comment below!)
((PSS, YES, I know this is posted on thursday, but better late then never. Right? No? Okay...))


arlene said...

While you were looking up "esculent" I ate all the rest of said cupcakes. Mwa Ha Ha!!!

JackandStephenrule said...

I think that video has ruined me as well. Alas.

My favourite word... hmmm. I enjoy 'carnage'. I also like 'embassering', which isn't really a word but is more fun to say than embarrassing.