Saturday, December 29, 2007

talking to my computer.

No, I am not crazy,  I'm just having soo much fun with our MacBook. today when I was looking for a way to record an audio track with the built in microphone, I stumbled across the voice recognition software in the computer.  all I have to do is push the special key on the keyboard and talk to the computer in "a normal voice" and it will do various so called "tasks".  I can ask it what time it is and it will tell me in a voice that I pick off a menu, (you can pick voices with names like"hysterical" or "bad news" ,"good news" or just plane old Fred. how boring.)   you can also ask it to open up your web browser or you can ask it to open up your current window in a sticky note, you can even ask it to tell you a joke. here's an example:

Me: "tell me a joke"
Computer: "Knock knock"
Me: who's there? (can you hear the question in my voice?, isn't it so exciting!!!)
Computer: "Orange"
Me: "Orange who?"
Computer: " Orange you glad you bought a Mac OS10!!!"

wasn't that exciting!!!,  the suspenseful questions, the quick reply,  and finally the witty climax. oh the glory of it all!. I cant wait until I can tell it to make me breakfast,   that 'twill be the day, yes, it 'twill be the day.
now I will go and continue my nerdy exploits,  ignoring all others as I delve deep into cyberspace. ( just kidding, I still need to find that darn recording software, I know it's hiding in there somewhere)
see you at the chat room, (yeah right...)

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