Friday, December 21, 2007

here they are...

Here's the pictures of some of the beautiful gifts that we left on the doorsteps of our ( I'm sure) grateful fellow neighbors. here we go,

here's Levi opening up the gifts that we will be re-gifting to our "happy" neighbors,

then we opened this incredibly amazing enamel frog picture frame!!!!, holy tacky picture frame batman!!!,

and here is a picture of all the gifts in their full glory, untainted by sticky fingers or cold outdoor weather, yet. we left most of these items on the doorsteps of many a-now-happy-person-who-lives-on-our-block.
she also gave us this brand-spankin-new cassette player, made of solid steel and weighing in at about 2.3 tons. it features TV quality sound!!!, now that's quality, no kidding, maybe.
and last but not least, Levi with one of the four figurines that grandma sent us, can you see the ecstatic excitement on his face?, the joy, the wonder, of this deeply moving piece of artistry?, it's THE Christmas gift that every boy has ever wished for since that Chinese guy threw himself into his own furnace of pottery creating a new kind of pottery that has no equal anywhere else in the world. (isn't it funny that the fore-mentioned Chinese guy's apprentices actually used the baked china that he "dismissed" himself in, and discovered that the addition of bones to the clay actually made good pottery???. who woulda thunk.)

well now go and pixie you neighbors with tacky( or not so tacky) paraphernalia of all sorts. and always remember, they're is no such object that is so tacky that it cannot be pixied to someone.
happy pixie-ing!,


Kathleen said...

Oh dear!!!

Creative Eccentric One said...

Sounds like lotsa fun! Wish I'd been at your house at delivery time. Any rumours going around the neighborhood as to whom the pixies were?!

runs with scisors said...

nope, no one. Levi was at the neighbors house which we had left a BEUTIFUL dear at and they had just pushed it off to the side a little so they wouldn't trip on it.
so much fun.

Karyn/Mom said...

Well, as one who was blessed by your "pixie-ing", I am so glad your gift giver loves to give you things that you DON'T want but I do! And BTW, thanks for not giving me the froggy picture frame! LOL