Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ten Tiny Things.

Hello there, I have been tagged by Bea at Creative Sandwich to participate in the Ten Tiny Things challenge.

here are the rules.

take ten tiny things that you like and take a picture of them all together, then (if you want) write a little bit about each object.

okay, here I go.

hmmmm.... lets start at the top left.

  • This little pagoda is just so darn cool, I have had it forever and it has that cool something about it that just makes you want to hold it in your hand and turn it over to look at it.
  • The spiky ball. how else can I describe it?. I found it under a tree when we went on holidays to San Francisco. I don't know what it is, but I like it a lot.
  • My puzzle box. I got this in China town in San Francisco, you can only open it if you know where to slide all the little panels hidden in the intaglio. very cool.
  • My little jade turtle. Mom bought this for me at the Chinese garden in Vancouver. it's one of those things that you just love!.
  • My tin roman soldier that Nialle gave me. he's about an inch tall and stands proudly in the display case on my wall.
  • A piece of Dinosaur egg shell, I had to have it!
  • A slice of Lapis Lazula from Afghanistan, my favorite stone!.
  • A small Turquoise rock. look at the color!.
  • A cool coin from India. it has a wavy edge that sets it apart.
  • And last but not least, a tiny rock with a hole in it I found on the Oregon coast. did I mention it has a hole in it???
well those are my Ten Tiny Things. now YOU go do this, and when your done leave a comment on the Funky Art Queens post and maybe you can win some of her art!.

happy ten tiny thing-ing!


Ricë said...
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Ricë said...

cool tiny things! i love the rock with a hole in it--i have one of those on a necklace made from a strip of chamois--my dad found the rock and made the necklace for me about 40 years ago.

Ricë (rhymes with "Lisa")

arlene said...

Josh your ten things are SO cool!! I love them all, cause you know how much I love tiny things. But cool tiny things with wonderful is that??!


arlene said...

Hey Josh, You should do a post with all your boxes you've collected. Show the puzzle boxes and how they fit together.

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Josh !
Your ten tiny things are great ! Love the puzzle box and that oh so small rock with a hole ! So cool !
I think your spiky ball is a horse chestnut pod. We used to have a tree that dropped them all over our lawn every year at our old house.
Congrats on your great entry !

Runs With Scissors said...

thanks!, this is really fun....