Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today I decided that I am going to post about my boxes.
not cardboard boxes but wood boxes. (or any box that looks cool!)

every time I go on holidays I look around and try to find a really cool box to take home as a souvenir and I have come across a few very cool boxes. and here they are!.

First up we have this chest that I bought in Mexico at Loreto. I think that I bought this on the last day of holidays... it looks really good on my shelf :p

then we have puzzle box 1, I bought this one at Pike Place Market in Seattle, the Lady who makes these cuts them out of one piece of wood!, gotta have a lot of patience to cut this out... wow. here's some pictures of it being taken apart.

this is puzzle box 2. (featured in my last post) I got this one in Chinatown in San Francisco, there was a bigger box. but, of course, it was WAAAYYYYY overpriced. :( but this one is a LOT of fun to play with!. I wont show you how to take this one apart just in case you come to my house, then you'll have to figure it out by yourself :)

and this one I didn't get on holidays, actually I found it in my garage (who woulda' thunk???)
but it looks really cool so I decided to put it in this post. and next holidays, well, you'll just have to wait and see what kind of treasures I bring back.

Have fun and post YOUR boxes, then leave a comment with a link to your blog, I'd LOVE to see them!.
until next time,

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Karyn said...

Those are really cool boxes, Josh. That puzzle box is amazing!