Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cirque Du Soleil (!)

My Mom and Dad found a really cheap seat sale to Las Vegas this month and went of for a mini vacation. My brother and I stayed at home for the couple days that Mom and Dad were gone.
In Vegas Mom and Dad saw KA, a permanent show at the MGM Grand. They brought back the making of DVD, the soundtrack and a book about the show, and I am hooked.
Ka is the only Cirque show that has a story line to it and the theatre that it's performed in is, to say the least, incredible. The theatre was specifically built for Ka. From the front row seats the ceiling is seven stories up and where the stage should be is a pit four stories deep.
It's massive.
There are two stages in the theatre, the "Tatami" deck slides towards the audience from deep backstage and the main stage is 25' by 50' and rises out of the pit and can tilt forward and spin.
I am saving my pennies to go to Vegas just to see this show.
It's that good.
I think that I have one of my friends convinced to come with me, He's also a homeschooler.
I think I'm going to call the trip "Homeschoolers Rock Vegas '09"
whadya think?
Go and check out Ka RIGHT NOW and then let me know if your coming with me.  :)
~Josh, he who is currently obsessed with Cirque Du Soleil.


Dan said...

You think you have me convinced to go? Haha, seeing as I bring it up every time I see you, I think its confirmed. :)

Runs With Scissors said...

I've been telling people that I want to go to Vegas and they give me a really weird look, it's really funny!

arlene said...

Hmmm...homeschoolers...Vegas...a match made in....???

Runs With Scissors said...

haha, who knows?

Anonymous said...

If you need another person I'm there.