Sunday, February 17, 2008

silk screening

Hi, well I'm done my Silk Screening course and I must say it was very very very fun. At the course we learned the basics of silk screening and which materials are best and what to use and how to use them. We started of by cutting out stencils out of newsprint and then we worked our way on to photo emulsion. with photo emulsion what you do is basically pick and image, run it through a Xerox machine and then print it onto a piece of transparent plastic. then you coat your screen with the photo emulsion and let it dry in a dark room. after it has completely dried you place your transparency on top of the screen the way you want it to look when you print and then you place it under a bright (very very bright) light for about 7 minutes. after the time is up you quickly wash your screen under lukewarm water until all the photo emulsion that did not harden under the light is gone, leaving you with a screen with your design on it. what happens when you place your screen under the light is that the photo sensitive stuff in the emulsion hardens, except for where the light cant get through (AKA, the black areas on your transparency.) the image that I picked for my image was a picture that I took in Mexico of the mission in the town we stayed in, and here's a picture of the final project.

this print is on paper, but I did most of mine on fabric.
well I had a lot of fun with this class and I hope that Lee teaches another class again,
Thanks Lee!,


Karyn/Mom said...

That is gorgeous, Josh! A great photo to begin with, too.

I was thinking of you yesterday - how did your performance at the festival go? Did everyone love your song?

Runs With Scissors said...

the festival went great!, it was amazing to play for an audience and I had a great time talking with the other performers.

arlene said...

I am so happy to have this beautiful print on the wall Josh! It reminds me of our trip to Mexico. The photo of the Loreto Mission you used was so special.