Monday, October 29, 2007

November is Novel writing month

Well hello everybody. I am debating whether or not to join NaNoWrimo. NaNoWrimo is a novel writing um... ahh.. thing? where you write a novel in one month. the novel has to be 50,000 words long and 175 pages. anyone can join and if your 12 or under there's a youth writing competition for a 2500 word novel. otherwise your screwed to 50,000. anyway, the deadline for joining is October 30 at 11:59 o'clock. you can outline your novel but your not allowed to start writing it until November 1st and it can be about anything,
here's the website,
so if you want to join go ahead!,
the critics are waiting... ( just kidding!)
His Most Serene Highness, PHAPourus Lord Josh the Infinite of Withering Glance.


Daniel said...

Hey, I'm considering doing this too!

See you on Friday!

runs with scisors said...

that's cool!,
well I haven't even outlined my novel yet, which could be a bad thing...

arlene said...

Better get signed up phapboy! Time is of the essence! (perhaps "misery loves company" would apply here as well)
Here's a writing tip: Avoid cliché's like the plague.

Karyn/Mom said...

So, Josh, are you busy writing?

runs with scisors said...

yes, I'm busy writing. but my story is totally bizare.
it's kinda sorta monty python and the holy grail-esque, but with a little Norse legend and fantasy thrown into the mix. I probably only have about 550 words so far. but I'll keep writing anyway.

Karyn/Mom said...

actually, it sounds rather interesting. Keep going, even if you don't hit the required words. Maybe I can read it sometime?